Born: 1951

Language: Kukatja & Tjaru

  • Acrylic on Linen - Year 2017

  • 200cm x 147cm

  • Catalogue number: 125-17

  • $5,000.00 AUD

  • or $500.00 per month over 10 months with art Money

In this painting Jimmy depicted his Warlu Tjukurrpa (Fire Dreaming) in the Tanami Downs area of the Tanami Desert.

It was given to him by his father.

As a senior Law man, it is the same painting that Jimmy paints on men for ceremonial dancing and young male members of his family when they go out hunting.
The warlu (fire) spontaneously started in the area where the yellow concentric circles are, and travelled
across the country crossing many sacred sites (all the other circles).

Flames are depicted as the curved lines emanating from the central circles and are heading in the direction of the Karnti Dreaming, the linked brown circles.

Karnti is bush potato which is collected in the cold months, after fire has cleared the ground, making the telling cracks in the ground visible which mark the location of the potatoes.

The fire stopped in Pupari and the blue lines represent the burnt areas.
When the rain came it filled the waterholes, the large blue areas.

Personal note from Laure: 
An amazing piece of art that is what Aboriginal art is all about: mind blowing and enimagtic!
Thousands of carefully aligned dots to depict Tjukurrpa.
An ancestral map of Australia by the fire from one the greatest contemporary Indigenous artist.
A truly amazing artwork for all collectors.