Born: 1954

Language: Kukatja

  • Acrylic on Linen - Year 2019

  • 90cm x 60cm

  • Catalogue number: 654-19

  • SOLD

Elizabeth has painted country just south of Balgo named Tjumunturra, near Old Balgo Mission.
Elizabeth spent her holidays here when she was a young girl, sitting with her family around tjurnu (waterholes) telling stories and digging for mangarri (bush tucker) - this is shown by the circle with U shapes around.

Elizabeth's favourite food to dig for is tjrrilpatja (bush carrot) and karnti (bush potato).

The circles with connecting lines indicate the kiliki (creeks) and tjurnu (waterholes).

Around the waterholes are big trees and pila (hills).
Surrounding the details of this painting and dominating the country is tali (sandhills).

Elizabeth still enjoys trips to Tjumunturra to gather food and paint.

Personal note from Laure: 
This artwork lively lures you into its amazing meanders of infinite dotted lines.
Its stunning colours and intricate movements are amazing!