Born: 1958

Language: Kukatja


  • Acrylic on Canvas - Year 2018

  • 100cm x 50cm

  • Catalogue number: 74-18


  • $ 2,200.00 AUD

  • or $220.00 per month over 10 months with Art Money

Pauline's father, Sunfly Tjampitjin, was a senior custodian for country south of Balgo, near the vast salt lake of Wilkinkara (Lake MacKay).

The country depicted here is named Liltjin. This painting represents the dry creekbeds which during the wet season flow into Wilkinkarra.

During the Tjukurrpa (Dreaming) people lived in the holes depicted.

Personal note from Laure: 
The delicate and velvety work of Pauline Nangala Sunfly.
Her dexterity in mixing traditional Tjukurrpa (Dreaming) with a very modern and contemporary imagerie, is so captivating!

Important notice:
The artworks have travelled from far remote Indigenous communities and are not currently stretched on frames - Which explains the slight waves and traces you can see on some of them.
Once the paintings are stretched to be presented, these traces disappear.