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The core business of Aboriginal art centres is the preservation, maintenance and promotion of the work of their artists by nurturing the development of traditional and contemporary artistic practice, exploring new mediums and innovative opportunities for creative expression.

Art centres have been recognised as central to the social, cultural, economic and spiritual wellbeing of Indigenous artists and communities.

Aboriginal owned and governed art centres around Australia, are places of strong culture, gathering, family and friendly time, sharing, story, laugh and support.

Purchasing art with an ethical gallery like LAURE NIVEAU gallery, ensures fair pricing to you when purchasing an artwork (no overpriced practice) and it ensures that the art centres and the artists are rightly paid, are being treated respectfully, and fair trade with them is maintained at all times.

I work in an unconditional respectful and open collaboration with every communities and Indigenous art centres I partner with.

Every artworks I present have been meticulously selected by myself with the art centres and are all authentic and certified, meaning that they are all catalogued, tracable, originating directly from the art centre in the community the artist live or come to to paint.

Every artworks are linked to their artists, art centres and communities and so every artworks come with their Certificate of Provenance and Authenticity which provides detailed information such as:

  • The artist’s name

  • Language group, place of birth and skin name of the artist

  • Picture of the artwork

  • Picture of the artist (if available in the community)

  • Title of the artwork

  • Dimensions of the artwork

  • Catalogue number - this is an important code that links the artwork back to the artist, art centre and the date it was produced

  • Story of the artwork if provided by the artist, the length of the story can vary depending on what the artist is willing, ready or allowed to share 

For every artworks, the artists, their families and communities are being treated fairly and rightly paid. 

Transparency, care and respect are key components of my work.

I am a proud member of the Indigenous Art Code which helps protect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists by getting sellers of their art to commit to treating artists fairly, honestly and respectfully.

The Code ensures a fair and ethical trade for the artists as well as transparency.

Ethical galleries work following a specific charter guaranteeing a fair trade and respectful financial and social conduct with Indigenous artists, their families and communities.

For Indigenous Australian artists, women and men, art is the core of everything, every artist is intrinsically connected to the story he or she paints, it’s their life long connection to their land.

Stories passed on to them at birth and for which, as custodians, they dedicate their lives to protecting them and passing them on to the next generation.

Being an oral culture, painting, on any medium, is like writing to tell a story and connect with the past, present and futur like a forever time in which every Indigenous Australian women, men and children as well as all country, land, wildlife and nature belong in their very specific and special place and time.

Indigenous Australian people have a very strong sense of belonging to their country, their family and their lineage, from which a very deep respect of the land and life in all shapes and senses is core to every aspects of their lives.

I have always thought and felt Aboriginal people as the biggest, greatest and wisest library of Australia.

I am a Kardiya in Yapa land, always was, always will be.

With my deepest respect and admiration to the First women and men of Australia and their amazing world's oldest living culture.