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Before being an Australian based gallery, Laure Niveau gallery was a French journey and was called L'Espace Ab'Origine.

Based in Paris where I was born and grew up, I opened my first gallery specialised in Aboriginal art and culture, L'Espace Ab'Origine, in 2004, during a time Indigenous Australian art was slowly emerging in France, making it a very exciting time to show and share about the First women and men of Australia, their amazing culture and powerful art.

Working with the support of the Australian Embassy in Paris and as a member of Australian Business In Europe, I organised art exhibitions and fundraisings in Paris and around France.

Between 2004 and 2007 I had the privilege to work with leading Aboriginal artists such as Gracie Morton Pwerle, Ada Bird Petyarre and had the honour to present some paintings of the great Wenten Rubuntja.

My story with Australia began in 1999 when, then only 23 years of age, I came for the first time to this far away land and travelled around the country... and fell in love instantly with the First people of this land.

I came back several times in Australia between 1999 and 2004, travelling into several remote places in the desert, meeting with the most beautiful and peaceful women, deepening my love and respect for Aboriginal people and their culture.

These travels, stories, memorable images and connections turned in 2004 into L'Espace Ab'Origine in Paris as my need to be connected to this powerful culture had become what will be my lifelong passion.



Laure Niveau gallery Presentation aboriginal art Brisbane Gold Coast
Laure Niveau Founder Paris exposition aborignal art
Laure Niveau founder Gallery Brisbane Gold Coast presentation aboriginal art

In 2007 I moved to Australia to live for good and have been here now for the past 14 years.

I have two beautiful children, born and raised in Melbourne and on the Gold Coast and for whom I took some time off from work to travel into this profound journey that is parenthood.

I followed as well an exciting opportunity to work with TripAdvisor and for 3 years was a full-time translator and travel writer.

In 2019 I opened a new art gallery, composed of important ethical and fair trade codes, and have the honour to now work on the land of the First people of Australia and indulge into the beauty of this part of the world carrying the most ancient living culture.

I renamed it and this time chose to humbly give it my birth name as a connection and recognition to my now far away French land and family.